be a part of a poll worker!

While one of our best sources of new poll workers is other poll workers (thank you!), the Registrar of Voters also partners with the programs below to help us meet our varied poll worker needs at polling sites across the county.

College Student Poll Worker Program Receive a stipend, a community service certificate, and have the prestige of community service on your resume early in your career. To be eligible you must be a registered voter in California.  APPLY NOW  FAQ's 

Community Based Organizations If you belong to any clubs or organizations, you might let your members know that serving at poll sites can be a great fundraiser, with club members donating their poll worker stipends to the organization.  APPLY NOW  FAQ's 

County Employee Poll Worker Program We are very proud of the number of county employees who volunteer to serve on Election Day. Under this program the employee gets to receive their regular wages for the day as well as receive the poll worker stipend. (Unclassified Managers do not receive the stipend.) You will need to obtain your supervisor's approval to participate in this program. APPLY NOW  FAQ's 

High School Student Poll Worker Program California Elections Code Section 12302 allows high school students to serve as poll workers and actively participate in the election process, even if they are not eligible to vote. Launched in 1998 this program has been a tremendous success. Students receive a certificate for community service and a stipend paid directly to them or to their school, depending on the district policy.
To become a Student Poll Worker, contact your social science teacher or school official and ask to be nominated. To qualify for the program you must: be at least 16 years of age by Election Day, a United States citizen, and have a grade point average of at least 2.5. 

State Employee Poll Worker Program As a State employee, government Code 19844.7 allows you to take time off, without loss of pay, to serve as a Poll Worker on Election Day. You will also receive the poll worker stipend paid by the Registrar of Voters. For details please contact our office. Print the poll worker application from this website and return by email, mail or fax.  APPLY NOW , FAQ's 

Please call our office for more information on any of these programs 858-565-5800.