Be A Poll Worker

Be a Poll Worker

We need you!

Be a poll worker and be part of American democracy in action. Each election, we recruit thousands of poll workers. As a new or returning poll worker you will receive training and materials to make sure you are confident and ready to help voters on Election Day.


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Who can be a poll worker? You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen and registered to vote in California or lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States
  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Speak, read, and write English 
  • Complete the required two-day (consecutive) in-person training
  • Be available up to eight days during the two weeks leading up to Election Day
  • Have reliable transportation to and from your assigned voting location each day
We need bilingual poll workers

We need bilingual poll workers!

San Diego County embraces our diversity and provides language assistance to voters in the following languages: 

  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese


Learn about our special poll worker programs:

  • College Students Program must be currently enrolled and may request a community service certificate in addition to their stipend. Application »
  • County of San Diego County Employee Program may work with the approval of the employee’s appointed authority. Application »   FAQ »
  • High School Student Program currently not available 
  • California State Employee Program may work with the approval of the employees appointed authority may work with the approval of the employees appointed authority. Application »

What do poll workers do?

  • Complete mandatory training
  • Assist in the set-up, close and clean-up of the voting location prior to and on Election Day
  • Understand concepts, election procedures and equipment to accurately assist voters
  • Communicate effectively with public, staff and management
  • Provide excellent service to a diverse voter population
  • Receive an hourly wage based on position (Precinct Inspector $17.61) (Technical Inspector $14.25)
  • Work as a collective team to perform other duties as assigned to ensure all voters and visitors have a positive voting experience
  • Handle and resolve difficult situations in a positive manner using good judgement and accuracy

How much time does it take?

  • Poll Workers must complete two days of in-person training
  • One day of voting location set-up
  • Up to four days of serving voters at a voting location; eight-hour days Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the Election, and 5:30am to 10pm on Election Day
  • Additionally, one day of closing the voting location may be required

On Election Day, what if I forget something I learned at the training?

  • Your fellow poll workers are crossed trained and therefore can serve as resources
  • You will be provided with a poll worker manual which can serve as an easy reference and outlines the duties and procedures for Election Day scenarios
  • We will have a poll worker hotline – staffed by experts – available for you to call before and during Election Day

Where do the poll workers work?

There will be hundreds of poling locations across San Diego County. Send your application to:

Submitting a poll worker application does not guarantee a position.
The Registrar of Voters reserves the right to revise assignments as needed.

What skills are needed to be a poll worker?

  • Ability to work well within a diverse team
  • Ability to understand important details and accurately follow procedures
  • Provide excellent customer service to a diverse population
  • Willingness to follow instructions
  • Demonstrate flexibility and positive attitude
  • Commitment & willingness to help
  • Communicate effectively with staff, public, and management
  • Ability to handle and resolve difficult situations in a positive manner
  • Exhibit keen attention to detail