Election Results Explained

NOTE: As of Wednesday, November 22 the remaining outstanding ballots are eligible for the “signature cure” process. For this reason, the next update may not occur until certification of the election.

Before we certify an election, we must make sure every eligible vote is counted. For mail ballot envelopes returned with a missing or non-matching signature, voters are mailed a letter and given the opportunity to verify and provide their signature so their ballot can be counted. Once “cured” the ballot can be removed from the envelope and processed into the count. Voters have until November 20 to cure these situations.


  • The first set of unofficial election night results will appear shortly after 8 p.m., November 7.  They will include mail ballots received before Election Day, and vote center ballots from early voting between October 28 - November 6. They typically include votes for qualified write-in candidates, however for this election there are no qualified write-ins.
  • After the first unofficial report, election night updates will include vote center ballots cast on Election Day only. There will be no more updates to mail ballots on election night.
  • Once the vote centers close at 8 p.m. on election night, vote center ballots must be driven in from 22 vote centers across San Diego County.
  • Periodic election night result updates will continue throughout the night until all vote center ballots are reported. It may take the Registrar's office until 12 a.m. or later to tabulate all vote center ballots for the final unofficial election night results.
  • The next unofficial results update will be posted on the following schedule:
    • By 5 p.m., Thursday, November 9
    • Additional updates may occur at the discretion of the Registrar of Voters.
  • After election night, voter turnout percentage will increase as timely and validly cast ballots, including mail and provisional ballots, are added into the count.
  • Mail ballots postmarked on Election Day and received by the Registrar’s office by November 14 will be considered timely cast.
  • All results are unofficial until completion of the official canvass of the election on or before December 7, 2023. The Registrar's office does not anticipate requiring the full 30 days to complete the official canvass.
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