Voter Information for College Students

You can vote in the next California primary or general election if you are:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A California resident
  • At least 18 years old on or before the next election
  • Not in state or federal prison for a felony conviction
  • Not declared mentally incompetent by court action

If you’re from here, you’ll vote in San Diego County’s election. If you’re not from San Diego County, you need to decide whether to vote in San Diego County, your home county in California or your home state elections.

Choose Where to Vote

To vote in San Diego County, register here. You’ll need your California driver’s license or California Identification Card number from the state Department of Motor Vehicles. If you don’t have either one, use the last four digits of your Social Security number. You’ll also need a local address. If you live off-campus, use that address.

  • If you live in a dorm:
    • At San Diego State University: Use the residence hall address.
    • At the University of California San Diego: Use the 9450 Gilman Drive address and your UCSD box number as your unit number.
    • At California State University San Marcos: Use the residence hall address and your apartment number.
    • At the University of San Diego: Use the 5998 Alcala Park address and your USD unit number.
    • At Point Loma Nazarene University: Use the campus’ main address.

To vote in your home county in California, visit the Secretary of State’s webpage.

To vote in your home state, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website can direct you to each state’s voter registration site. If you have a scholarship or tuition that requires California residency, check with your financial aid office first to see if out of state registration will affect your status.

No matter where you register, you can request a mail ballot (also known as absentee ballot). Be sure to use your San Diego County address as your mailing address so you’ll get the ballot.

Are you registered in another county or state, but you want to vote in San Diego County elections?

You can re-register here, but note that it is illegal to vote more than once in an election.

Are you already registered to vote locally?

Check here »

Learn more about the upcoming election »

Questions? Call the San Diego County Registrar’s Office at 858-565-5800.