Replacement Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application 

If you did not receive your vote-by-mail ballot or if you have lost or destroyed your original vote-by-mail ballot, you may apply in writing for a replacement vote-by-mail ballot. This application must be completed and signed by the voter.

The Replacement Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application  English (PDF).

Please complete, print, sign and return your Replacement Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application using one of the following options:

Email:          Click here to submit your completed, signed and scanned application

In Person:    Registrar of Voters
                    5600 Overland Ave, Suite 100
                    San Diego, CA 92123

Mail:             Registrar of Voters
                     P.O. Box 85520
                     San Diego, CA 92186-5520

Fax:              (858) 505-7294

Application to Provide Vote-by-Mail Ballot to Representative

In the event you are unable to obtain a replacement vote-by-mail ballot on your own, you may appoint a representative to obtain that ballot.

The Application to Provide Vote-By-Mail Ballot to Representative can be found here: English (PDF)

This application must be signed by the voter and submitted in person to the Registrar of Voters Office by your representative. (EC 3014(b)).