Conditional Voter Registration

Eligible San Diego County residents who miss the voter registration deadline still have an opportunity to vote. Under California law, Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) allows a prospective voter to register and cast a provisional ballot.

Conditional Voter Registration is only available:

Conditional Voter Registration is not available at polling places on Election Day.

How this works:

  • If you miss the registration deadline for an upcoming election, you have the option to vote by visiting the Registrar of Voters office at 5600 Overland Ave., San Diego, CA 92123.
  • Complete a conditional voter registration form.
  • You will get a ballot and a green CVR provisional envelope.
  • Mark your choices on the ballot and place it inside the CVR provisional envelope and seal it. Print and sign your name, and date the envelope.
  • Once your conditional voter registration form is verified, and it is confirmed that you did not vote elsewhere in the state for the current election, your registration will become active.
  • Your ballot will be removed from the CVR provisional envelope and counted.
  • You will be considered registered for any future election if you are eligible to participate.
  • Not sure if you’re already registered? Check here