Ballot Marking Device Instructions

Below are instructions for voters using the ballot marking device (BMD) at the voting location on Election Day. A poll worker will be available to assist you through the process. Please make the poll workers aware of your needs upon arrival at your voting location.


1. Start Voting Session

A poll worker will insert their poll worker card to ACTIVATE a session for voters who request to use the BMD. The poll worker will REMOVE the card once activated to allow the voter to make their selections in private.


2. Language Selection

Select the LANGUAGE of your choice. You may change the language at any time during the ballot marking session.


3. Adjust Settings

You can ADJUST text size, contrast, audio and language any time during the ballot marking session.


4. Navigate Ballot

Use the contest tabs at the TOP of the screen or the navigation buttons at the BOTTOM of the screen.


5. Make Your Selections

Tap the box next to your selections for each contest to vote for that choice.

To vote for a write-in candidate, tap the “Write-in” selection, then type in the candidate’s name using the pop-up keyboard. Tap the “Accept” button when finished.


6. Review Your Selections

Upon completing voting for all races, (you can leave races blank), tap the “Review” button at the bottom of the screen.

During review, you may make changes to any contest by clicking on the contest.

Use the Scroll Up and Scroll Down arrows to review any contests not displayed on the screen.

When complete, tap “Print Ballot”.


7. Print Your Ballot

Tap “Print your ballot” to confirm you do not wish to make any more changes or tap “Review your choices” to return to previous screen.

A warning message will appear if one or more contests have been left blank or are undervoted.

When complete, tap “Print Ballot”.


8. Retrieve Your Paper Ballot from Printer

Confirm your selections then place your printed ballot in the secrecy sleeve or the envelope given to you by the poll worker. Return to the poll worker to place in the ballot box.

Get your “I Voted” sticker and wear it proudly!



Check out this video to see the BMD in action during early voting at the Registrar's office: